San Diego  
Our San Diego location is 39,000 square feet with ten dock high positions and one grade level with four positions.

Our San Diego facility is also a U.S. Customs warehouse.


 Los Angeles  
Our Los Angeles terminal is our largest warehouse with over 65,000 square feet and is located just minutes from the Los Angeles International Airport. This location is equiped with 22 dock high positions and one grade level on 2 acres.

Our LA office is gated around the entire perimeter of the property.


Our Calexico office has a 10,000 square foot warehouse conveniently located near the Mexican border. 

The Calexico facility has five dock high positions and a gated yard for added security.


Los Angeles (310) 631-6800     San Diego (858) 550-6500     Calexico (866) 460-7016
Toll Free (866) 460-7016     Fax (866) 460-7017

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